Emma Lowe writes & facilitates Yoga Nidra drawing from elemental patterns & rhythms, music & poetry to create unique & deeply restorative Yoga Nidra practices.

Emma also facilitates 1-2-1 Therapeutic Yoga Nidra sessions online or in person, creating tailored made recordings to meet your specific intention & needs.

Perhaps you want to receive the benefits of Yoga Nidra in your own time & in your own home? There are a number of downloadable recordings available from Essential Nature Yoga at the bottom of this page.


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Yā devī sarva-bhūteṣu nidrā-rūpeṇa saṃsthitā

To the Divine Goddess who reside in all existence in the the from of Sleep

Yoga Nidra, an ancient teaching dating back to the Tantras uncovers the transformational & healing power of deep rest.

In its contemporary style, the practice has been blended with modern neuroscience to serve as a form of meditation, total relaxation & a mind-body therapy that is accessible to everyone. Whether you have a yoga & meditation practice or are a complete beginner, Yoga Nidra is an easy way to meditate with incredible therapeutic results.

When practiced regularly, Yoga Nidra brings you into a heart centred way of living, clearing out the crap, the limiting self beliefs, the default anxiety settings and realigns you to a more heart centred way of living so you may navigate your life to its fullest potential.


Some of the potential benefits of Yoga Nidra:

  • Combat stress, anxiety, fear & depression

    1. Improve sleep & decreases insomnia

    2. Help with pain management

    3. Heighten energy levels – it is said 45 minutes of Nidra is as restorative as 3 hours of sleep

    4. Create a profound state of peace & well-being

    5. Work with deep rooted belief systems & habitual patterns (samskaras) that no longer serve you

    6. Emotional / cognitive healing

    7. Meditative / spiritual inquiry


Yoga Nidra activates the rest & digest (relaxation) response & helps switch off the fight or flight stress response in the body. The practice improve the functioning of the nervous & endocrine system, which affects your hormones. Yoga Nidra help cells regenerate and repair, and both help decrease anxiety and improve your mood.

Stress (& with one of the primary causes of stress being sleep deprivation) is one of the biggest causes of mental, emotional & physical imbalance & un-wellNess. Working consciously with the various stages of sleep, Nidra helps cells regenerate & repair, decrease anxiety, improve your mood and allow you to purify & reprogram various layers of our being, bringing us into alignment.

1 - 2 -1 Therapeutic Yoga Nidra

Studying under teacher & friend Simone Mackay, founder of the School of Sacred Arts & Somah Journeys as well with Uma Dinsmore-Tuli in Total Yoga Nidra, Emma offers therapeutic Yoga Nidra consultations. Working directly on a 1-2-1 basis to create tailored, personal practices.

Consultation: Via a 30 minute in person, video or audio consultation, Emma works with you & your intention, your likes & dislikes to create a Yoga Nidra to meet specific wants & needs.

Personalised recording: Emma will then design & record the Yoga Nidra for you to practice in your own time at home where ever you are in the world!

Follow up: The option of a 30 minute follow up consultation is available should you wish to discuss the benefits of the practice, to deepen the therapeutic effects of the practice & ask an questions that may have arisen.

Investment: For the whole session, including the recording £65

Yoga Nidra Workshops offerings:

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East meets West with this delicious offering of Yoga Nidra from India & ceremonial grade Cacao from the Americas to find true inner peace & harmony this Winter. 

Yoga Nidra, one of the most ancient yogic teachings denotes the the sleep of the Yogi & is blended with modern neuroscience to serve as both a form of total relaxation & a mind-body therapy that is accessible to EVERY BODY - whether you have a yoga & meditation practice or are a complete beginner! The practice brings you into a heart centred way of living, clearing out the crap, the limiting self beliefs, the default anxiety settings, realigning you to a more heart centred way of living, of peacefulness, unconditional love, compassion & forgiveness.
Cacao originating from North & South America has been used for eons as a heart opening medicine by the ancient Mayans & Aztecs. The seed from the cacao plant is the active ingredient used in chocolate, cocoa, nibs etc & has always been considered a rich & potent symbol of love. Today it is considered a super food due to its high antioxidant properties & levels of iron & magnesium. Cacao is also a notable source of flavovoids which help the cardiovascular system and theobromine - a bitter alkaloid which boosts mood & energy. 

Emma is prepares a hot Cacao drink blending raw honey and spices with ceremonial grade Cacao from Peru where she has spent a great deal of time living close to nature & learning the "old ways" that bring us into better balance with Life. *10% of the costs will go back to the Amaru fund which helps protect the right of indigenous people, wildlife & the rain forrest which is directly responsible for global climate regulation. Sequestration of 1/5 of global CO2 emissions, production of 1/6 of the worlds fresh water & the planets largest source of oxygen emission. Once we set our intentions & drink the Cacao we will snuggle down & be guided through meditation for a double hit of heart opening.

Enjoy the benefits of Yoga Nidra in your own time & from the comforts of your own home 

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