Inspiration & Gratitude

I bow to alter of each and every day of this Life that I am blessed with in the deepest of gratitude. Life is the true teacher and inspiration. May I meet each day with grace and peace to be of service to our shared home, the Earth and all it's inhabitant.


With thanks to the Plant Teachers and the unseen for kicking my ass along this pathless path and for your guidance even when I fail to acknowledge how dearly you hold me.

To the many facets of the deep feminine that course through the soil and through my veins; Mother Nature, Danu, Gaia, Pachamama, Grace; I love you, I'm sorry, please forgive me, thank you and may SHE continue to rise through me and as me!

To my Mother, Sarah and all the ways in which she has carried me and to my Father, Michael who's sudden loss changed my understanding of Life and taught me how to live. To my spirit mother, Mrs Scott who from a young age taught me the gift of true presence with another being and to my sister, Jenny who showed me that real love is bound by soul and not blood and to Thomas and Jodie for reminding me fairytales still exist.

To my dear hearts; Emma, Rebecca, Robyn, Rosina & Dayna, Catherine, Agi, Antonia, Naomi, Leti, Alison, Polly, Heidi, Brittany, Simone Hadfeild who put up with me and my never ending quest to understand the true meaning of life. Who have held me through grief and heart ache and the relentless and wretched anxiety and continue to support my journey even when you think i'm a hopeless, restless hippy. Your love and support is a fertile soil from which I can grow.

The School of Sacred Arts - above and beyond a yoga school. A wisdom tradition school, a how to rebuild yourself school, a new way of being school.

Simone Mackay, who holds the deepest echo of any being I have ever met and to whom I will never be able to fully express just how deeply I love and how thankful and honoured I am to have in my life. Simone’s depth of wisdom, gentle grace and love gave me my life back. A true soul guide, guiding me back home, even through the darkest of times she reminds me of life's magic, including my own.

Tina Nance The high priestess of Shakti presence and power reminds me what it is to show up real and raw and whose exquisite intelligence, study and true gift as an educator blows my mind (and my yoni!). I will forever be grateful for the love, laughs and for helping me find HER and for the journey to come!

I also express deep thanks to Uma Dinsmore - Tuli for providing me with a true Celtic Yogini role model and whose depth of knowledge was shifting my understanding in the form of her books; Yoni Shakti and The Celtic School of Yoga, before I had the nurturing delight of training with her in Total Yoga Nidra.

Flow Studios, Elizabeth Welty, a truly captivating embodiment of the celestial, who makes my heart swell for sparking my love of yoga and encouraging me on this path and to all my teachers i've met so far; Randall O'Leary, Bex Tyrer,  Kerry Grant, Leti Sideris and all those yet to come and lastly but never again least to the light within my own heart.