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Chocolate Dreaming: Yoga Nidra & Cacao @ Yoga Quarter

2019 Intentions from the Heart

 East meets West with this delicious offering of Yoga Nidra from India & ceremonial grade Cacao from the Americas to find true inner peace & harmony this Winter.
This workshop looks at intention setting for 2019. In Yoga Nidra we call this 'Sankalpa' remembering a way of being born of the heart and using that as a compass to navigate your life to its fullest potential.

Yoga Nidra, one of the most ancient yogic teachings denotes the the sleep of the Yogi & is blended with modern neuroscience to serve as both a form of total relaxation & a mind-body therapy that is accessible to EVERY BODY - whether you have a yoga & meditation practice or are a complete beginner! The practice brings you into a heart centred way of living, clearing out the crap, the limiting self beliefs, the default anxiety settings, realigning you to a more heart centred way of living, of peacefulness, unconditional love, compassion & forgiveness.

Cacao originating from North & South America has been used for eons as a heart opening medicine by the ancient Mayans & Aztecs. The seed from the cacao plant is the active ingredient used in chocolate, cocoa, nibs etc & has always been considered a rich and potent symbol of love. Today it is considered a super food due to its high antioxidant properties and levels of iron & magnesium. Cacao is also a noteable source of flavovoids which help the cardiovascular system and theobromine - a bitter alkaloid which boosts mood & energy.

Emma is preparing a hot Cacao drink blending raw honey and spices with ceremonial grade Cacao from Peru where she has spent a great deal of time living close to nature and learning the "old ways" that bring us into better balance with Life. Once we set our intentions & drink the Cacao we will snuggle down & be guided through meditation for a double hit of heart opening! 

For those attending, Emma is offering 50% discount on a professional recording of the practice to tap back in & switch off your ‘flight or fight’ stress response & turn on the ‘relaxation response’ whenever you need to. Best of all, 30-40 minutes of Yoga Nidra is said to be equivalent to three hours of sleep, perfect for those in need of a festive rest and reset! 

Booking in advance essential. Please let us know of any dietary requirement in advanced. 

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